There are actually four primary types of fingerprints:  the loop, the arch, the tented arch and the whorl.  There also combo prints that seem to contain two or 3 types at one time, but usually the one that appears most dominant will be read as such.

There are four easy and inexpensive ways to get a clear imprint of your fingerprints.

1. The most reliable way is to use stamp ink or fingerprint pad (made from an ink oil).
2. The second most reliable way is to take a thick pencil marking on paper, rub each finger tip separately and then place a piece of scotch tape over each finger tip and lift off and place tape on a white sheet of paper.
3. You can also try rubbing a semi-thin to medium layer of lipstick and pressing moderately but not too hard onto a contrasting color of paper.
4. The least reliable, but sometimes still works is to color your fingers with a highlighter pen (not yellow) and press moderately, but again not too firmly) onto a white paper. Some highlighter pens give good coverage and some don't, so this must be tested first.