About Stacey

​​I have been interested in and studying various forms of personality and life purpose mapping such as hand analysis, astrology, numerology and enneagrams since my adolescence in the 1980s. I started getting more serious about it in the past two years and only in 2018 did I finally take a course in fingerprint analysis. 
However, around 1999, I had a hand analysis and fingerprint life purpose reading in Santa Monica, CA that produced a life purpose statement that gave me a clear confirmation of what type of work would give me the deepest fullfillment and that I was naturally meant to do. It had to do with a leadership role as a mentor.
I had to wade through some life lessons first and wasn't ready to embrace the truth at the time. However, that affirmation deeply inspired me. Now, I am finally ready to share that inspiration and clarity with the world!