Why Read Finger Prints?

It has been said by the Native/Indigenous peoples to be like the breeze of God’s breath breathing life and character into our souls.  Like a how wind can create glyphs upon sand dunes or how the ocean tides can produce curved ridges upon sandy beaches.

Get a fingerprint reading to receive your unique life purpose statement, primary life lesson and school (arena of learning) your soul is most focused on in this life. Also, receive info on the formula for moving through your particular challenges in order to live your purpose more fully. 
Fingerprints form by 20 weeks in utero.  Unlike other lines on the hands, they do not change over the course of a person’s life (except through injury or scar tissue) and so they are like an original map of your soul's intention, gifts and/or yearning.  Some of the scientific research done by forenzic specialists, neurologists and other scientists over the past 70 years has shown that certain neurological problems, certain genetically determined diseases, as well as certain behavioral tendencies have repeatedly shown up in the fingerprints as particular patterns.



Some examples of life purpose statements:

-Leader in a business you are passionate about
-Leader with a passionate message
-Wealthy Artist
-Family business in the spotlight
-Successful Therapist specializing in Love and sex
-Successful in business
-Writer with a healing message

In addition to the basic statement, lesson and school, a one hour reading with additional details regarding challenges and purpose can be given based on other traits in the hand, basic numerology and astrology is also available.
"All of life contains polarity."
'It is both a great challenge and great joy to meet the demands of integrating the world of polarity and paradox into our lives.
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